Its late Feb now, and we are getting an expected late cold snap. danceI went to Cath’s place today and we took Sid and Arthur for a walk. It was so cold I thought my ears would snap off if i tried to bend them!

Mixed feelings about the move now. Yes, of course I must go, and a large part of me wants to go..but I shall miss it here. I like the lifestyle, and I have friends here. Life seems to coast along quite happily in a reasonably stress free way. I guess the problem is I expect to become very stressed or, worse, frustrated out of boredom when I return.
I will be glad to get back and do some good work again though. I have been spoiled here with the ease of working on Guernsey. I have always missed the high-tec nature of working in a large hospital. I have missed the complexity of case work also. The majority of people walk in here. But this is all boring stuff really.

I wonder how I will fill my time in Sydney? I’d like to be more active. I find enough excuses to be lazy here, dont see why I wont be just as lazy there. Maybe the better climate will help. I have ordered a new VW Polo and I actually hope it wont be ready when I get there, will force me to catch the bus and walk to the shops etc.
I am taking part in a round robin cross stitch which seems to take up alot of my time. I really dont think I will be able to keep up from Sydney as the postage will create delays. I will be disadvantaged during each swap! I dont think I will ever do another one. I would rather do cross stitch for my own purposes.

Well reading back through I seem to have an incredibly dull life. Its enough to keep my going at present so it shall have to do.


not such a good start to my journal when after a couple of entries you have a 3 month gap. But then alot did happen.

The trip home was good, even if I didn’t enjoy the company of the girl that came with me. Well, that was a disappointment, but I am over it. She seemed determined to get as much as possible out of my parents and friend who we stayed with, without contributing so much a a carton of orange juice the whole time. Well, bad house guests dont get asked again. And my ?perhaps too generous nature has been seriously curbed in her direction. Matter dealt with, time to move on.

As for Sydney, I had a great time. Staying with my good friend Pira was fantastic. I had almost forgotten how much I missed her company. So many things to talk over. We had a lot of laughs (and glasses of wine) on her beautiful balcony overlooking Balmoral.

To cut a long story short I am happy to move back there now and have purchased a ticket leaving Brussels March 30, 2006. Going via Brussels will be my final adventure before returning home. I shall get the ferry from st Peter Port to St Malo, then the TGV to Paris. I shall spend a couple of nights there (maybe 3 nights). The the train to Brussels to meet up with Angela who is living in Leuven now. That weekend we (even Jan her partner[male] is keen to go) shall go to Dortmund to a craft trade fair. The following week I shall fly home via London…Cant wait!

I am trying not very successfully to save money so I can buy a Polo car on my return, but feel I really am aiming too high as I realistically have a Hyundai budget. I intend to work back at RPA and have sent an email to Kay to that effect.

Last day of work for 3 weeks, Yippee!  Its grey and cool todayI dont see things changing much around here for a while.  Bring on the sun, and hopefully not too many mozzies.

Tried to download some fonts from the flock favourites .  They are lovely, but I havent the know how to install them.  Sometimes a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing. I find it frustrating this lack of knowledge of mine.

Lots of phone calls from family last night.  Its very easy to love them from a distance.  Up close and personal may not be so successful.  Her’es hoping.

Duty calls, I have lives to save hahahahaha

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

Well, trying this Flock thing, and trying to blog.  Why not?  Just cause I’m old and conventional and dont know any computer languages…..  If I cant get along with this I see it as irrelevant to alot of people.


Enough negativity.  I shall head over to another hemisphere come Wednesday.  Back to my Antipodean roots and sunshine and golden sands, and tall gin and tonics, ahhhhhhhhhh. Bring it on


Hope to have time for another post before I leave.  This could be a life changing 3 weeks ahead of me.